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Biochemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory

Biochemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory contains refrigerator, Low-speed centrifuge, High-speed refrigerated centrifuge, incubator, biochemical incubator, autoclaves, oven, microscope, visible spectrophotometer; UV photometer; fluorescence spectrophotometer, balance, Water bath, Muffle furnace, PCR, gel electrophoresis system and 1-50L fermentation system, flow cytometry and animal experiment room.
Biochemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory locates at Yifu Building Room 210, (102 m2), Room 215 (103 m2) and Room 217, 218 (45, 40 m2) for teaching Biochemistry and Food Biotechnology. Animal experiment room (80m2) is located in Building 8 and utilized for undergraduate graduation projects and graduate research projects.


Student lab


UV-vis spectrophometer

UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Inverted fluorescence microscope

Lab fermentor


Low temperature freezer

Animal room