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Inspire from IFT
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Inspiration from IFT

     IFT Standard for Food Science Undergraduate Education was known as early as 1993 when prepared a text for technical English.
 Modify the core course of FST curriculum in 1996 referring to IFT core competency, which has been the prototype of today’s curriculum.
 Build FST program according to international standards and added success skills into curriculum in 2000.
  Edited a booklet titled as Current Issues in Food Science and Technology, in which IFT Education Standards was placed at the first page.
  IFT recommended textbooks and laboratory manuals were applied in FST courses of Food Chemistry and Introduction to Food Science and Technology. IFT recommended videos were used in teaching.
 Under the push from IFT Competition & Awards, FST started product development competition. Three students wined top prize of California Almond Competition in 2009 and tour IFT expo in 2010.
 Food Science and Food Technology are two important journals subscribed in TUST library and Journal of Food Science Education is web-read for getting new teaching ideas. One abstract from TST teaching team was published on JFSE.
Most importantly, FST continuously improves teaching under the principles of IFT 2011 Resource Guide. IFT accreditation is conducting in TUST in 2015.

IFT standard printed in 2003

Approved program---IFT.org

TUST almond team in IFT10

TUST staffs in IFT15