Undergraduate Education of Food Science and Technology,TUST
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Overview of Laboratory and Pilot Plant

    The laboratories of CFEB were originally built in 1958, with a major extension and renovation projects completed in 2004 and a second renovation project that was completed in early 2014. Four laboratories are organized according to IFT core competence. The teaching activities are coordinated by Food Science Experimental Center, which was named as National Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching in 2010. 507 pieces of instrument and equipment of CFEB laboratories were registered with an original value of ¥65M ($10.4M). Tianjin Center of Food Processing Engineering was established in 2009, which was jointly administrated and operated by CFEB. Its pilot facilities are utilized for teaching, technical development and external service. 400 pieces of machinery and equipment were registered, with an original value of ¥10.5M ($1.69M). The laboratories and pilot plant are utilized for CFEB teaching, research and social service.